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Eworitse Wins against French Opponent in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The much anticipated fight of the Nigerian King, Eworitse Ezra Arenyeka finally happened and the showdown was one to be seen.

It happened on Friday 1st of July at the University of Bolton stadium.

Eworitse came into the ring ready and with the energy to take over for his U.K debut.

He is always so proud of his roots and he was proudly representing his Itsekiri heritage with the Itsekiri royal symbol on his robe and his shorts.

In the first round, the Nigerian king gave a big shot that made his opponent fall to the ground and was the first knockdown of the show with the audience and his fans going wild in support of the powerful shot.

He fought against Mohamed Cherif Benchadi from France in the light-heavweight division. It was a tough fight and his opponent but Eworitse was victorious and won by way of 40-35 unanimous decision.

In his post fight interview with Fightzone Uk, he said “It was a great fight here in Bolton stadium, everyone is happy, my fans are excited, I put Nigeria on the map but this is just the beginning. I’m going to keep on climbing till I get to the very top. I'm going to keep on training and I believe with hard work and determination I shall achieve this and I will be known all over the world as the Nigerian King. There is no one in the coming years that is going to be able to stop me and fight me because I know my heart and determination will get me to the very top.”

On his coach he said “I will make sure I train hard and improve on my craft daily. Me and my coach Sean Krool, we are here for the long run and we are going to keep on working mentally, physically and spiritually, we work on everything.”

He also spoke on being very thankful and grateful for all the supports that came out to support him at the show and said how he came to entertain them and without them there is no show.

As always Eworitse puts the Ezra Arenyeka Foundation front and center and had raised £500 for dialysis treatment for those with kidney issues as he continues to make a difference with every fight. Kidney failure is a dire issue in Nigeria and his raising money for those who suffer with the illness, will make a difference to some lives and he will continue to strive to do even more.

If you would also like to donate to support The Ezra Arenyeka Foundation go to

Eworitse fights again on the 30th of July in Oldham Leisure center Manchester.

The homecoming of Eworitse will be held in Warri, end of September 2022 ‘Fight Night Warri’. The date and venue are to be confirmed in the coming weeks. It promises to be an even more exciting show that will showcase Eworitse’s skill. There will also be musical performances, comedy and more.

For more information and tickets contact 09077788222. You can also follow the event

Facebook page @fightnightwarri

Instagram page @fightnightwarri

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