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A Nigerian born fighter, is set to make his professional debut this year in Manchester after starting boxing just five years ago.

Ezra Arenyeka, 25, left Nigeria at 14 to head to the USA in search of better education: “I went to live and study in Atlanta, Georgia for 3 years before moving to the UK at 17 and attending Newcastle University for a year soon after.

“Throughout my education, from a child to a teenager, I was very angry and fought a lot. In Nigeria especially, it was common for boys to fight, and I remember a lot of stories about myself and how adept I was at it.”

Ezra, who had grown a natural skill for fighting, first entered the world of boxing at 20 years old after he saw an ad on Facebook for a homeless charity looking to raise money through events.

Ezra's first fight poster from WCF.

“I started boxing through the company called White collar fighter based in Manchester, raising money through my tickets sales for the Anthony Nolan blood cancer charity,” he said, “On top of this, during the early days of the pandemic I ran 10 miles every day for 10 days for the St Martin homeless charity in Norwich. I raised a total of £1,000, which was donated directly to the charity.

“Not only was I raising the money, I was also winning. Within two years of boxing, I had won the ABA's Elite Cruiserweight Eastern Counties Championships. I boxed out of Attleborough Boxing Club''.

Ezra pictured after wining the ABA's Elite Cruiserweight Eastern Counties Championships.

Ezra was also invited to try-outs for the Nigerian Olympic team but turned it down to pursue a pro career instead.

“I want to use boxing as an opportunity to make a difference,” Ezra adds, “As a professional, I aim to use my platform to help give the voiceless a voice. I aim to donate from my earnings from every fight to help children back home in Nigeria get a better education.”

Currently completing a PhD in Business Management, Ezra has also led ‘boxing for self-improvement’ sessions for local communities. Proudly waving the flag for Nigeria and the growing African boxing influence, he has his sights set on becoming a future world champion.

Further details for his professional debut are expected to be announced soon.

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