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EZRA ARENYEKA Embarks On His Journey To Next Victory At Historic Stadium

Ezra, the Nigerian King is set to fight in the RUMBLE IN LAGOS on Sunday the 28th of August 2022. The fight will be holding at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Indoors Sports Hall.

The Nigerian King is looking to get the 4th victory of his professional career and continue to rise in the boxing ranks. Ezra will be fighting Ademola Faniyi in the light heavyweight division.

Ezra said “Fighting at the Teslim Balogun Stadium is something I’ve been looking forward to. I enjoy the energy of the Lagos crowd and I’m ready to put on another show for them after my first 2 victories earlier this year. I’ve been training at local boxing clubs, and I must say there are so many talented fighters here and I’m privileged to be sparring with them. Boxing in Nigeria is so underrated, and we are about to shine the light more and more and take it to the next level… greater heights.”

As Ezra is going on greater heights with his boxing career, he is also expanding into a new lane within the boxing scene, entering boxing management. With his boxing management EZ BOXING, he said “I have recognised a huge need within the Nigerian boxing scene, and I have decided to enter the space and make my mark. There are so many talented fighters that need an opportunity to take their careers further, but they have little to no help. That is where I come in with EZ BOXING”.

To begin this journey, EZ BOXING is signing Gbadamosi Adijat who is a female boxer that is currently 2-0 in the professional boxing super flyweight class and Eradajaye Obaro who is competing at light heavyweight with a 6-0 KO record. Both fighters will also be fighting at the RUMBLE IN LAGOS and will be looking to succeed and win the EZBOXING way.

This new discovery will be exciting and unchartered waters for the Nigerian King but we believe his different approach to his boxing career, the industry and the impact he aims to have on the community at large is one to be watched and one that will shake up the industry, make a difference and bring the change he desires to inspire.

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