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Nigerian Professional Boxer Ezra Arenyeka Makes His Pro Debut In Bariga Lagos.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

"Bariga, Ese Gan”

With the heartbeat of the people of Bariga, Ezra Arenyeka made his pro debut.

After 4 years out of the ring Ezra, “The Nigerian King” was back in the ring.

He spoke about his journey back “ after a successful amateur career that began as a means to raise money, I looked to turn pro. After injuries and a pandemic, I am ready to take control of the boxing game, one fight at a time, making a difference every single fight”.

The choice of the venue was significant as it was the ABC Boxing club in Bariga that was Ezra's first connection to the local Nigerian Boxing scene.

“Ever since I got into the boxing game, I have wanted to use my talent for good and to help the community"

Ezra was victorious in his pro debut via a second round TKO. His opponent was no match for his skill and powerful punch. In the first round Ezra busted his opponent nose and it was gushing with blood by the second round the beating was too much for his opponent to handle and was unable to come out for the third round.

From his whole demeanor walking into the ring with “Gentleman” by Fela Kuti playing loud, you could see he meant business and was ready to own the ring. He was fully repping 9ja donning green and white all over.

When asked about the red stars on his boxing robe, he said “This is to remember those lost during the ENDSARS protests and the massacre on October 20th 2020; we will never forget and will remember them and continue fighting for justice”. The attention to detail shows that Ezra is not your typical boxer and will be a new voice in the boxing scene.

The show itself was spectacular and was something that had never been seen in Bariga from the light, the ring and the contenders.

What is most present with Ezra is his constant talk about making a difference through his newly founded Ezra Arenyeka Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to tackle nourishment, education, quality of life and health through several initiatives to provide daily and proper nutrition to schooling, housing, physical activities and rehabilitation.

Along with the Rumble in Bariga and with the first fight his foundation has raised £1,000 so far and will be using part of the funds to buy school supplies for children in Bariga, and also feed children in rural area Lagos.

He says his efforts are just the beginning “ I will continuously use my platform for good”.

The Nigerian Boxing industry is growing and with this fight, we can see the future will be bright.

Ezra will be fighting again on March 19th at Moist Beach Lagos.

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