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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The much anticipated suspense was definitely ignited in the ring as both Ezra and his opponent Babatunde Akim put on an entertaining show for the audience.

Prior to the fight night, Akim spoke immensely of how he would be beating Ezra and had made it known he was intending to win the fight. As the crowds cheered on throughout, the fight boasted of Ezra's skillful techniques portrayed round after round, and the audience could be heard chanting Ezra's name as it was a very clear victory. Ezra was loving the lights and danced along to the tune of the music and atmosphere mid fight as the long awaited suspenseful verdict had the audience at Moist Beach eager to find out each round.

In the sixth and final round, the referee had decided that Babtunde Akim had received enough from Ezra and declared an end to the fight. Consequently, the Nigerian King Wins by TKO once again. The night was an incredible experience as evident in the joyful ambience and scenes of Moist Beach in the Fight Island Lagos Contest.

Championship belts were also up for grabs as well as international belts, and the night exhibited excitement all around. Ezra hopes to continue fighting and making a difference with each and every one of his fights through his charity The Ezra Arenyeka foundation, which has already contributed exceptionally to the community and aims to continue to do so. The passion Ezra brings to the ring also stems from his mission through boxing and believes he will be able to use his voice for great things and making a positive change. Additionally, this is just the beginning of all the great things to come for the Nigerian boxing Scene, each fight with a sentimental purpose to make a positive difference.

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