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The Nigerian King is coming for his U.K boxing takeover.

Ezra Arenyeka ‘The Nigerian King’ is about to take over the U.K boxing scene. Starting at University of Bolton Stadium on the 1st of July 2022. This will be his third professional fight and his U.K pro boxing debut. He is looking to move up 3-0 record.

After beginning his journey in his home country, he is back to England. We spoke to him asking his choice and career move. He said “Nigeria is where I was born. The energy is so special to me and there are so many talented fighters in Nigeria and have come out of Nigeria. The boxing scene is vibrant and there’s a different level or work that boxers go through there. Going back home to fight was always a dream and now that it has been conquered and I was able to tap into that warrior mindset and get my wind. I’m here to get even more wins and K-O’S.”

For the Nigerian King, he began boxing as an amateur raising money for a homeless charity in Norwich, Norfolk and fell in love with the sport. From raising money over the years for homeless charities in England to then raising money for children back in Nigeria with his 2 fights earlier in March 2022, he has a passion to take boxing as a fight to make a difference and has also established The Ezra Arenyeka Foundation.

He said “I’m so grateful for my background and the opportunities I’ve had in life. Its very important for me to use my skills to make a change. With this fight, I will be donating funds to pay for dialysis bills for people in Nigeria as chronic kidney disease is something that is a huge issue in Nigeria.”

As he continues in his career, he continues to show that he is not just any boxer, he is one with heart and will do all it takes to takeover the boxing world and as he does so, make a huge impact.

He will be fighting at the University of Bolton Stadium on the 1st July of 2022. Doors open at 5pm. Reserved seats £60 and unreserved seats are £40.

For tickets contact Ezra Arenyeka directly. +44 7468901360

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